When to refer for Mental Health Occupational Therapy

When to refer

Back on Track Mental Health Occupational Therapy improves functional capacity and quality of life for people with mental illness in the areas of home and personal care, employment, education and community living through the prescription of graded tasks and activities.

An individual may be suitable for Back on Track Mental Health Occupational Therapy if they show signs of, or report, any of the following:

  • An inability to function within their work, home, social or recreational environments
  • Disinterest in managing their self care
  • Reduced coping with ordinary occupations at work or home
  • Reliance upon alcohol to sleep
  • Delayed sleep onset and/or frequent waking during the night
  • Apathy towards engaging in usual activities
  • Avoidance of friends and family, preferring to stay at home
  • Not able to self organise
  • Inability to perform usual roles at work and/or home
  • Loss of “breadwinner” role
  • Feelings of inadequacy, failure and loss of respect

Does this sound like someone you know?

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